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Our firm represents both individuals and businesses in proceedings and businesses in proceedings and transactions involving the following areas of law:


• Bankruptcy law: Chapter 7, 11, 12, and 13, individuals and businesses. Stop sheriff sales, foreclosures, repossessions, lawsuits, and

  garnishments. We assist you in re-organizing your debts and saving your house and assets from creditors.


• Debt counseling: Negotiate low settlements on credit card debt, negotiate with IRS offers and compromises, and establish payment

  arrangements. We help you with repairing your credit and reducing monthly payments.


• Loan modifications: Secure and negotiate loan modifications with your mortgage company and reduce your interest rate and monthly



• Defense of foreclosure: Defend against mortgage foreclosure actions by requiring banks and mortgage companies to prove they are in

  possession of original mortgage and note documents and have proper standing to bring foreclosure actions.


• Personal injury: Represent you aggressively in auto accident cases, slips and fall cases, wrongful death cases, medical malpractice

  cases, and dog bite cases.


• Wills and estates: Prepare all estate planning documents, which may include your last will and testament, trust, living will, and power of

  attorney, and assist you with probate and estate administration.


• Family law: Represent you in a caring and dedicated manner in divorce, custody support, and protection from abuse proceedings, and

  assist you in preparing pre- and post-nuptial agreements and name changes.


• Social Security Disability: Represent you aggressively and caring in disability and SSI cases and at appeal hearings.


• Real estate: Perform title searches and issue title insurance, prepare deed and loan documents, assist in refinancing, represent you at

  closings, review loan documentation, and prepare and review sale agreements.


• Corporations: Prepare incorporation documents, including articles of incorporation, bylaws and resolutions, shareholder and

  partnership agreements, asset purchase agreements, and register fictitious names and assist in the sale and purchase of businesses.


• Collection: Assist individuals and businesses in the collection of debt and enforcement of judgments.


• Federal workers' compensation: Assist you with securing workers' compensation benefits at all levels and appeal hearings.


• Black lung and living miner claims, surviving window claims: Assist you in securing benefits at all levels and appeal hearings.


• Employment: Termination, discrimination, harassment, unemployment severance, and private disability.


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