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A Pennsylvania Will is a document that determines where your assets will go upon your death. It is legal document with much importance, as the person is provided the ability to make decisions based on his/her preferences which family members, children and others will receive assets or property from his/her estate upon death. In the event that a person dies and does not have a Will, their property passes by Pennsylvania Intestacy Laws, which takes away the person's ability to specifically designate which family members/others receive certain assets or property. The shares and property of the decedent's estate pass according to a formula designated by the PA Intestacy laws.


Contacting our law firm to draft your will allows you to avoid intestacy and ensure that the people of your choosing are accounted for when you are no longer around. Our lawyers can also determine which type of Will is best for your Estate depending on the amount of the assets in your estate and the complexity of your wishes and intentions.


You must be at least eighteen (18) years old and of "sound mind" or be aware of what

you are doing when making a Will. A Will in Pennsylvania must be signed at its end and in writing and should be in presence of two witness and notary public.

When a Last Will and Testament is prepared, our firm usually advises individuals to prepare Power of Attorney the at same time in an event of cases where an individual becomes temporarily incapacitated and unable to make decisions. In addition, our firm recommends a Living Will in event an individual does not want extraordinary measures taken to keep them alive as a living will is needed to provide to health care providers.


Our firm can also protect your assets by forming various trusts during your lifetime to pass your assets to family members and heirs and reduce possible inheritance taxes and federal estate taxes. We will determine the type of Trust based on your intentions wishes and complexity of your situation and whether minor children are involved.

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