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Explore the options of bankruptcy with our trusted attorneys

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Are you struggling to pay bills and credit cards?

Are you facing home foreclosure, sheriff sale and tax sale?

Are you threatened with repossession of your vehicles?

Are debt collectors calling you on a regular basis?

Have you been sued in court for your debts?

Is your business struggling to pay debt and financially struggling?


We can help you to obtain a fresh start


• Stop sheriff sales. We can help you to save your house.

• We can help you protect your assets and eliminate and reorganize your debt.

• We handle various types of bankruptcies consisting of Chapter 7, 11, 12 & 13.


Filing for bankruptcy is a difficult decision to make for you and your family. We will answer all your questions and explain your options and what to expect with filing a bankruptcy. We have handled thousands of bankruptcy cases over the years and helped people save their homes and assets and eliminate debt so that individuals can obtain a fresh start.


You should call our office to obtain the facts about filing bankruptcy:


• Before you decide to give up on your house

• Before you decide to sell your house

• Before you take a loan against your home to pay off debts

• Before you cash out your retirement account

• Before you spend thousands of dollars and pay money to debt consolidation companies


You should obtain all the facts so you make informed, intelligent decision that protects your family and property.

The cost of filing a bankruptcy is typically based on flat fee and filing fee. In the event, your case is complex and involved the fee may be based on an hourly basis.


We will discuss fully all your options to assist you with your financial problems. We handle loan modifications and have been successful in securing modifications for many individuals. Obtaining approvals for loan modification are on a case by case basis. We also negotiate with creditors to obtain settlements on debts and defend against foreclosures and lawsuits.


We can save your home and provide you relief from creditors threatening to take your money and property.


We can stop IRS from garnishing your wages or levying against your property.


If you operate a business, we will help you develop a plan of reorganization or work out a plan to pay back your creditors.


You should never wait until last minute to call an attorney to assist you with your financial problems as a creditor could take against you and your property, and you may lose your rights by waiting too long.

You'll find our dedicated attorneys are ready to help you through bankruptcy. Expect competitive rates and outstanding legal service.

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Trust your bankruptcy case to a firm with over 46 years of combined legal experience.


We are debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the bankruptcy code.  


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